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National Arthritis Month

By Nathan Vassey, PT, DPT

May is National Arthritis Month, a time to shine a light on a condition that affects millions of people, old and sometimes young. But don't worry, this doesn't mean you're destined for a life of creaky joints. Remember “motion is the lotion.”

Arthritis is inflammation in your joints that can cause pain and stiffness which can make movement a chore. It might sound scary, but here's the good news: movement can be your secret weapon in managing arthritis because it helps lubricate the joint to make it move better!

How Physical Therapy Works:

Think of a physical therapist (PT) as your personal joint-whisperer. They'll assess your situation, create a personalized plan, and guide you through exercises and treatments to:

●     Reduce pain and inflammation: PTs use techniques like manual therapy and dry needling to soothe your achy joints.

●     Improve flexibility and range of motion: Gentle stretches and exercises help you move your joints more easily, keeping them limber, and preventing stiffness.

●     Strengthen muscles: Strong muscles support your joints and relieve pressure, making movement less painful and more stable.

●     Boost balance and coordination: This helps prevent falls which are a major concern for people with arthritis.

●     Educate you: PTs teach you about your condition and how to manage it effectively, empowering you to take charge of your health.

Why Choose A Step Ahead Physical Therapy?

If you're looking for a PT who truly cares and understands your needs, look no further than A Step Ahead Physical Therapy! We specialize in treating all types of arthritis. Since we offer one hour, one-on-one appointments, our team of experienced and passionate therapists can truly focus on you to help you achieve your goals. We also offer:

●     Personalized care: We tailor our approach to your specific condition and goals.

●     A fun and supportive environment: We make therapy enjoyable and motivating, helping you stick to your plan.

●     Flexible scheduling: We know life gets busy, so we offer appointments that fit your needs.

●     Fitness programs: We can guide you on how to be more active. We can create a program for you to perform at home, our clinic, or the gym.

Taking the First Step:

May is a great time to prioritize your health and explore how physical therapy can help you manage arthritis. Contact A Step Ahead Physical Therapy today for a free consultation by visiting our website or calling us at (770) 998-6636 to learn more for yourself or someone you know. We'll answer your questions, assess your needs, and help you get started on your journey to a healthier, happier you. Remember, you're not alone in this, and with the right support, you can conquer those creaky joints and move with ease!


Nathan Vassey is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and graduated from Mercer University in 2021. Nathan enjoys treating a wide variety of diagnoses and injuries especially runners after having been a Division I long-distance runner and private coach for individuals and teams. His treatments include a combination of manual therapy techniques, dry needling, and exercise prescription to teach people how to move better so that people get back to the activities they enjoy.




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