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Post-op Rehabilitation


Although the majority of patients prefer to avoid surgical solutions to pain and related issues, sometimes surgery is the only path to complete recovery. A Step Ahead Physical Therapy is dedicated to making your postoperative rehabilitation as smooth and painless a transition as possible. Our team will partner with your physician and/or surgeon to understand the scope of your personal case, develop a recovery plan that addresses current issues and guards against possible related complications, and sets you on your path to recovery.

We specialize in post-op rehabilitation for the following:

  • Total joint replacements

  • Operations to stabilize fractures

  • Tendon repairs

  • Ligament repairs

  • …and more

The benefits of a physical therapy regimen after surgery are numerous. After undergoing a surgery, the muscles, bones, and tissues of the surgical area require a period of healing. Limiting your mobility during this recovery period might seem like the best way to encourage that healing, but can often lead to unintended side effects such as reduced range of motion and flexibility, or a reduction of function. Starting physical therapy as soon as you are approved to do so can help limit these side effects and make the healing journey a more positive experience.

Post-Op physical therapy benefits include but are not limited to:

  • Reduced pain

  • Strength restoration 

  • Minimizing scar tissue

  • Restored or improved range of motion

  • Return of function

  • Faster recovery

Continuity of care is especially important for surgical recovery, and the A Step Ahead Physical Therapy team prioritizes consistency and personalization for all patients. Each visit you will work with the same therapist, allowing them to get to know your needs and ensuring your recovery progress is being well monitored and maintained.

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