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2023 Georgia Ethics and Jurisprudence Course
2023 Georgia Ethics and Jurisprudence Course
Oct 17, 2023, 3:00 PM
A Step Ahead Physical Therapy

move well  •  move often  •  be well


A Step Ahead Physical Therapy is a step ahead of other physical therapy clinics. At A Step Ahead Physical Therapy, we spend quality time with our patients. During each one-hour session, you will meet with the same therapist who will provide one-on-one, personalized attention addressing your individual needs. Whether you choose to come to our office conveniently located in Roswell or take advantage of our concierge mobile service, you can rest assured you're receiving the best therapy. A Step Ahead also provides prevention and health promotion services to individuals, teams, and community groups, and our newly launched corporate health management services can help you and your employees achieve your next step in moving well, moving often, and being well.  Learn about our therapists and staff, whose main goal is to provide you with the best care available.

You'll always work one-on-one with your physical therapist for your entire session, allowing them to provide personalized attention to address your individual needs.

One on one phyical therapy

We recognize that one size does not fit all; therefore, your physical therapist will perform a variety of assessments and create a personalized plan to meet your specific needs.

Individualized physical therapy care

We offer a variety of instructional classes and programs to help you achieve your optimal level of health and fitness.

Physical therapy programs for wellness

You'll work with the same therapist each visit, allowing them to get to know your needs and ensuring your progress is being well monitored and maintained.

See the same physical therapist each visit



We specialize in treatments to develop, maintain, and restore optimal movement following injuries, surgeries, or gradual loss of balance and function.

Services include dry needling, manual therapy, vestibular rehabilitation, and more.


We offer a variety of options to address your fitness and overall wellness needs, allowing you to move well, move often, and be well.


Services include injury risk assessment, wellness examinations, and more.


Our services for businesses and groups help you and your employees live a healthy and high-performance life.


Services include health behaviors assessment and more.


A Step Ahead Physical Therapy sets itself apart from other physical therapy clinics by providing personalized, one-on-one care for a variety of services.

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Corporate Health Management Director
Owner, Clinic Director
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Clinic Manager
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I just had my final appointment with Victoria and while I'm physically repaired, I am sad to conclude our time together. She was processional, knowledgeable, and fun and upbeat throughout my treatment, which was a vast pleasant contrast from the litany of doctors I've been subjected to. She was constantly able to answer my concerns and questions and made me feel confident and physically able to move during our time together. Since I'm accident prone, I'm fairly certain I'll see her again, which is a pleasant consolation to being injured.

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"Much work was needed on this poor injured body—problems with shoulders, knee, and lower back. I was limited in activities and now am back to leading an active life. The staff was awesome. They worked within my crazy schedule to accommodate, and my insurance company required special documentation that they always promptly provided. Steven was outstanding. None finer. All staff was truly A Step Ahead in all areas. I had been to other physical therapists in the area but none have produced the results A Step Ahead has."

—  Joanne S.

"With a very painful lower back and screaming sciatica, I came to A Step Ahead with some hope and lot of uneasiness. I was greeted with a genuinely cheerful smile and I was immediately reassured. Brad led me through the PT exercises that gradually improved the condition. Anticipating a long car ride over the holidays, Amy suggested "dry needling". David applied that therapy and my pain and sciatica disappeared immediately. I just can't thank Brad and Amy and David enough. They are all professional, polite, and encouraging. Truly."

—  Karin H.


I am indeed a proud graduate. I wanted to thank you for all your help and guidance in getting me to that point. My knee is so much better than the first day I walked into A Step Ahead. Physical therapy has to be a rewarding profession as you give people their quality of life back. I am one of those lucky recipients. I will be back if and when I feel I need assistance.

Happy New Year!

-John I

I saw Nathan for my achilles tendonitis. I appreciated the time he spent with me, analyzing how my various muscles were connected that were affecting my tendonitis pain, and providing exercises that helped lessen the pain. He always listened to me and I was pleasantly surprised how during my hour long session, I was his total focus of attention. Plus he was very kind. The whole office was very friendly and helpful. And I could tell by observing the other physical therapists, that they too had a caring relationship with each of their patients.

-Elaine B

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