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Exciting Updates on Direct Access PT in Georgia

Did you know that state law allows you to receive all the benefits of physical therapy without having to go to your doctor for a prescription? In 2015, HB 505 was passed in Georgia which allows for physical therapists to treat patients without a referral for up to 8 visits or 21 days. This was a huge step forward for our profession to help better serve our community although we are still restricted by the current guidelines. There have been numerous studies done regarding direct access which have shown decreases in cost, opioid abuse, and unnecessary imaging while allowing patients to be seen for PT services in a more timely manner. Did you know that there are 20 states that have NO roadblocks to direct access for physical therapy?

The efforts of A Step Ahead Physical Therapy Owner Brad Freemyer, the rest of the APTA Legislative Committee, and many others within the PT profession have led to positive changes including direct access. The current roadblocks need to be removed. Please help us in advocating for our community to provide the best care possible without the roadblocks that currently delay your care and add unnecessary expenses. Visit the link below and reach out to your local state senators and state representatives in support of removing barriers to direct access physical therapy in Georgia.

Most of these efforts to bring you direct access are centered around direct contact with our state representatives and senators during PT day at the Capitol. This year’s event was on February 28th and it included a meeting, breakfast, and time to go to the capitol to meet with state legislators including Rep John Carson and Sen John Albers. There was great discussion and they have taken interest in advocating not only for our profession, but also for you as the consumer so that you are able to receive the best care possible while removing barriers to your care.


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