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Are You Considering Dry Needling?

At A Step Ahead Physical Therapy, we proudly offer dry needling services to our clients. Check out the list below for some of the benefits of dry needling and ask our PT’s how it may help you!

  1. Balance the body and produce homeostasis which is your body’s “equilibrium”

  2. Increase blood flow to an injured area

  3. Release trigger points

  4. Release healing chemicals in the body

  5. Reduce pain

  6. Balance the nervous system with the “fight or flight” responses

What conditions can benefit from dry needling? There are many conditions that can benefit from dry needling but here is a list highlighting some of the most common cases that we see and treat in our clinic.

  1. Musculoskeletal pain (neck, shoulders, back, knees, hips, ankles, feet)

  2. Sciatica

  3. Low back pain

  4. Osteoarthritis

  5. Bladder dysfunction

  6. Headaches

  7. TMJ pain/dysfunction

  8. Vertigo

  9. Bell’s palsy

  10. Scar tissue formation/scar management

What is the difference between acupuncture and dry needling?

There are many similarities between these two interventions as we use the same needle but our philosophies differ on the placement of the needles. Acupuncturists place needles based on specific points to balance meridians and Qi while we place needles based on anatomy, palpation, patient symptoms, and patient history.

Cost of Dry needling

Medicare recognizes dry needling as an intervention but does not reimburse for this treatment. Therefore we accept cash and credit card payment for dry needling. Some commercial insurance plans reimburse for dry needling and our front office staff would be happy to discuss the situation with you and your insurance company to make sure you get the services that you need to get back to doing what you love!

Call our office at (770) 998-6636 for more information today.

By: Amy Keating PT, MSPT


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