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A Step Ahead PT Corporate Health Updates

We are excited to announce that A Step Ahead Physical Therapy now offers a corporate health program focused on keeping your employees and your workplace healthy. We have built a comprehensive health management program that focuses on five key elements for overall quality of life. Research has repeatedly found that general activity and exercise (Move), eating a balanced diet (Fuel), getting an appropriate amount of sleep (Recover), confidently managing stress (Endure), and having quality relationships (Connect) are the key to overall health. We combine move, fuel, recover, endure, and connect into all of our solutions to address the whole person and not just one part of the individual.

Prevention and early intervention are key to a corporate health program and we provide on-site services and wellness programs for you and your employees to reduce the likelihood of injury occurring. We also offer pre-employment screening which can help identify an applicants’ physical capabilities to ensure they are prepared for the job. Another benefit of our program is that we offer individual office ergonomic assessments to ensure that your workspace is set up in a manner that does not put you at risk of an injury. Our partnership with Atlas Injury Prevention Solution allows us to use industry leading software and techniques to help reduce your costs related to work-related injuries and time loss injuries.

If you are involved in healthcare, construction, manufacturing, or warehousing and transportation, we can help reduce your healthcare costs and help your employees live their life to the fullest. Visit our website for more information and give us a call at (770) 998-6636 to discuss programs that can help your business reach its full potential!

By: Matt Jacobson PT, DPT


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