Sleep Will Make You Stronger

How well are you sleeping right now? Are you getting more sleep because you don’t have a commute to contend with or because your typical work hours have been reduced or cut altogether? Maybe you don’t have to get the kids up and out the door for early school start times. You aren’t rushing to activities and events on the weekends. Or are you having more trouble sleeping? Maybe you worry about the current pandemic, the state of the country and the world, our future, finances, the safety of your family and friends. Maybe you spend hours researching how to apply for a small business loan, unemployment, or mortgage payment deferment. Maybe you are staying up late, enthralled by the news on tv or your phone. This pandemic is affecting all of us. Our normal routines have been suddenly and swiftly upended, and we have to adapt on a daily basis to new developments and advice. However, we need to attend to our sleep routine and make it a priority. Turning this challenging time into an opportunity to set good sleep habits will help us stay healthy now and help us to thrive in the post-COVID-19 era. Why is sleep so important?

Sleep is a critical period of recovery. Several processes in our bodies and brains occur only while we are sleeping that cannot take place when we are awake:

  • Immune cells are created and repaired