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COVID-19 Update

As healthcare providers, we take seriously the mandate to “first, do no harm.” In addition to following the CDC’s recommendations regarding office cleaning and screening clients, we are seeking to minimize the threat of virus transmission by taking the following measures:

  • We are prioritizing postoperative clients and those who would be harmed by not receiving physical therapy in our outpatient location. New clients, clients who are able to maintain their current status with a home exercise program, and clients who are at increased risk of a negative viral reaction may not be permitted in the clinic at this time.

  • We are limiting the number of patients, therapists, and staff working in the clinic at one time.

  • We are preparing for a full clinic closure should this be deemed necessary.

We continue to feel that physical therapy is necessary and an important part of the effort to keep the population healthy and out of emergency rooms and urgent care centers. In order to address clients’ needs, we are offering telehealth services for consultation via a video conference platform. We are also offering mobile therapy services for current clients who are at low risk of COVID-19 vulnerability.

At this time, the telehealth and mobile PT services are being offered at a discounted cash rate. Information regarding whether insurers will cover these costs is changing by the hour. For the most up to date information and to inquire about these services, please call our office at 770-998-6636. If no one is available to take your call due to staffing restrictions, we will return your call as soon as possible. Additionally, your therapist may be contacting you personally to discuss these changes.

Thank you all, and be safe.

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