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Building Your Blueprint for Total Worker Health

Lack of health is not just costing your company money directly; it is keeping your company from reaching its fullest potential in achieving its mission, vision and financial goals.

There is a definite and proven pathway from environmental influences and behaviors to illnesses and injuries that cost companies a significant amount of money. Stress, being overweight, low physical activity levels and poor nutrition reduce the vitality of your workforce and limit their production of goods and services.

Building a comprehensive health management program is like building a house. If you just buy some strong materials and try piecing them together, your structure is not likely to last very long. Many traditional Wellness Programs give you some pieces and hope that it all works out. Often things look good in the beginning, but in the end, there are cracks that cause the overall structure to fail. If you hire an architect to design a sound blueprint and explain how all the right pieces fit together, your foundation will be strong, your structure will be solid without leaks or areas of weakness, and you will be engaged in the process of achieving the end result. We are your architect. The house you want to build is a healthier, happier, and high-performance workforce.

Research over the last half-century has consistently demonstrated the effects of key Elements on health, quality of life, work performance and life expectancy. The key Elements of a healthy lifestyle adopted by the Academy of Prevention and Health Promotion Therapies involve exercise and moving throughout the day (MOVE), eating enough plants (FUEL), getting an appropriate amount of quality sleep (RECOVER), cultivating resiliency (ENDURE), and having close, quality relationships while feeling like an important part of society (CONNECT). Your blueprint will encompass these Elements as a foundation. The way your house is built, however, will be specific to the mission, vision, and needs of your company. Improving the health of your employees will directly improve the health of your company. This change in health must be a partnership. We can help.

We design comprehensive health management programs that can save your company an average of 25% on direct health-related costs. Your team members will experience higher levels of vitality and productivity, improving your overall revenue production. Utilizing us as your architect will ensure your program is built with a strong foundation and a solid design.

We know you want your employees to live a healthy and high-performance life, and we know you do, too. Let us hear what we can do for your team.

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