PRESS RELEASE: Partnership with Atlas Injury Prevention Solutions

A Step Ahead Physical Therapy (ASAPT) is proud to announce that we have joined Atlas Injury Prevention Solutions as both a Network Partner and a Service Provider.

Atlas offers a comprehensive suite of services and technology along with affordable solutions and customized programs to cover the needs of employers.

By becoming an Atlas Service Provider, we are able to expand the ASAPT Corporate Health Management Division by bringing in the experience, expertise, and tools that have been proven to help employers hire more effectively, avoid injuries, and help injured employees get back to work more quickly and efficiently.

As a Service Provider, we partner to meet our clients’ needs either at their site or in our office. We can provide services such as post-offer pre-employment screens, individual office ergonomic assessments, job demands analyses, on-site early intervention, and prevention & health management. Serving clients is the highest priority for both Atlas and ASAPT.

Because Atlas gives us access to a nationwide network of local providers, ASAPT is able to work with companies located across the country. We have the ability either to add to an injury prevention program that a company already has in place or to help build a new program.

About Atlas Injury Prevention Solutions, LLC:

Atlas Injury Prevention Solutions (IPS) is a leading injury prevention and management service and technology provider, helping customers reduce the spiraling costs of injuries within industrial, office, distribution, transportation, and healthcare environments. Atlas guides clients to fin