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About Us

A Step Ahead Physical Therapy is a step ahead of other physical therapy clinics.  At A Step Ahead Physical Therapy, we spend quality time with our patients. During each one-hour session, you will meet with the same therapist who will provide one-on-one, personalized attention addressing your individual needs.  Whether you choose to come to our office conveniently located in Roswell or take advantage of our concierge mobile service, you can rest assured you're receiving the best therapy. Learn about our therapists and staff, whose main goal is to provide you the best care available.



You'll always work one-on-one with your physical therapist for your entire session, allowing them to provide personalized attention to address your individual needs.



We recognize that one size does not fit all; therefore, your physical therapist will perform a variety of assessments and create a personalized plan to meet your specific needs.



We offer a variety of instructional classes and programs to help you achieve your optimal level of health and fitness.



You'll work with the same therapist each visit, allowing them to get to know your needs and ensuring your progress is being well monitored and maintained.



Physical Therapy

We provide services to develop, maintain, and restore optimum movement and functional ability throughout one's lifespan.

Post-Surgical Care

We collaborate with your surgeon to ensure you advance through the rehabilitation process at the appropriate pace to ensure a successful outcome and optimize healing.

Sports Injury and Rehabilitation

We optimize recovery from sports injuries allowing athletes to return to play as quickly and safely as possible.


Wellness and Fitness

Because we want to help you achieve your optimal level of health and fitness, we offer a variety of options to address your fitness and overall wellness needs, allowing you to move well, move often, and be well.

Injury Risk Assessment (FMS)

We use Functional Movement Screening (FMS) to identify limitations or differences in movement to improve sports performance.


A Step Ahead Physical Therapy sets itself apart from other physical therapy clinics by providing personalized, one-on-one care for a variety of services.

Success Stories

  • Step Ahead and, in particular, Kim has given me more strength and confidence in walking. At my first evaluation I had trouble standing up without using something for support. Not any more. I am stronger than ever and now I am working on Balance. Kim never gave up trying to figure out why my legs would all of a sudden go weak. Her suggestions of Tai Chi and water aerobics as well as Yoga have helped as well. All the therapists are caring and want the best for their clients. They are all friendly and personable. They even help each other when necessary because they know two heads are better than one. I researched physical therapy at great length, and I chose Step Ahead. In some offices you share the therapists with other patients. The therapy time at Step Ahead is strictly yours. Individualized care means you see results faster.

    —Sharon F

    It’s difficult to list all that physical therapy at A Step Ahead Physical Therapy has helped, but #1 on the list is that I am no longer suffering daily pain. I am stronger, more fit, and capable of working out, where as before physical therapy that was not possible. The staff is beyond excellent! Pure gold! The specialized care, tailored for me and my needs. No “in-and-out” rushed appointments.

    —Sarah D

  • After rotator cuff surgery and a fractured humerus on the same arm in 2106, I spent many, many hours with my therapist. Dawn is a caring and very knowledgeable lady who gave me 100%. She worked very hard to return my life to normal. I am very grateful to her. The staff is wonderful! They care about their patients and do everything possible to help us recover. The therapists continue to improve their expertise by taking classes to increase their skills or learn new ones. The therapists at A Step Ahead spend an entire hour with their patients. Unlike other places where the therapist send you off to exercise by yourself where you could be doing them incorrectly.

    —Pat G

    Much work was needed on this poor injured body—problems with shoulders, knee, and lower back. I was limited in activities and now am back to leading an active life. The staff was awesome. They worked within my crazy schedule to accommodate, and my insurance company required special documentation that they always promptly provided. Steven was outstanding. None finer. All staff was truly A Step Ahead in all areas. I had been to other physical therapists in the area but none have produced the results A Step Ahead has.

    —Joanne S

  • The therapy that was provided at A Step Ahead and the home exercises helped to eliminate the knee pain that I was having, and a year later the pain still has not returned. I feel the staff at A Step Ahead is more professional and knowledgeable than other places I have been. . . . One of the programs I have not seen at other facilities is the availability of a wellness check, to determine strength and weaknesses. I learned that I actually have poor balance and am happy to have been given home exercises—that really are not that hard to perform—to strengthen my weak areas.

    –Claudia B

    A Step Ahead helped identify the complication from my hip surgery when the doctor and his staff would not listen to the problem. All of the staff are top notch! Amy listened to my experience, noted everything in the computer, and found the right PT exercises to build strength and heal.

    —Nancy C

  • A Step Ahead has provided me with the tools and expertise to guide me on the road to return to sport. They have also facilitated my improved body awareness, core strength, and flexibility to promote avoidance of further injury. The Staff at A Step Ahead is truly a “Step Ahead” in their field. The Staff evaluates the total body and incorporates various modalities and expertise in specific fields to ensure optimal outcomes. The character of each and every clinician along with the support staff exemplifies total professionalism and integrity. Their knowledge of their profession is at expert levels and their willingness and patients to explain every course of the treatment protocol is exceptional. From the first step into the clinic, I felt like I was going to be treated with respect and my voice was going to be heard. They truly listened to my concerns and complaints and did not treat me as a number or a treatment charge. I know that they have my best interest at heart and it is their goal to help me reach my goals. It is not all about them, it is about the client.

    —D Berry

    I have not only been able to return to normal activities, but have actually been able to increase my activity level since receiving therapy and guidance on various ailments, most recently severe achilles tendinitis. Jim is THE MAN. I wholeheartedly believe he wants the best for me (and for my family). Simply put, I trust him. Jim not only treats the immediate need, but provides quality guidance and advice on how to prevent ongoing issues. I don’t live close by, but it is worth the drive!

    —David W

  • I was recommended to A Step Ahead by a healthcare provider who mentioned that it’s the only place she recommends to her clients. Now that I’ve experienced treatment here I can understand why. Each treatment is one on one with your therapist, who spends an hour working solely with you. I have been fortunate enough to have worked with both Amy and Dawn and can’t speak highly enough of them. They are both highly educated, extremely knowledgeable, and kind and caring also. After years of many treatments by a number of practitioners I can honestly say this is the first time I feel like I am seeing a huge difference in my symptoms. Its also a pleasure coming to this well run facility and its highly efficient staff.


    I went to physical therapy for six months with Brad Freemyer after I had knee surgery for a torn meniscus. My surgeon highly recommended Brad and the location was very convenient to my high school, Blessed Trinity. Brad was very careful with my knee, yet challenged me at the same time so I could recover in time for my spring sport. Thanks to Brad’s expertise and dedication, I am back on the field feeling stronger and more stable than I was before the injury, preparing for college athletics next year.

    – Matthew K.