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Learning Centers

Next, we will talk about the most famous educational institutions working online. They have a high level of training and a solid reputation. Turning to them, you can be sure of the quality of the knowledge gained and the prestige of the diploma.


The full name of this project is Intuit National Open University. This is one of the oldest Internet education centers in USA. It provides opportunities for both paid and free education. The center is not tied to traditional universities. Here you can take courses or get a full higher education.>

If you need a diploma, then training will be paid. A large number of free materials allows you to engage in self-education in various fields. The portal works in close contact with higher educational institutions of the country.


The European School of Correspondence Education is headquartered in the Netherlands. Branches are located in USA, Romania, Hungary and some countries of the former USSR. ESHKO has been teaching students for 20 years. This center offers training in more than 80 programs.

There are partner universities where you can enter on preferential terms after graduating from the ESHKO school. The training program was developed in cooperation with English and foreign experts.


These courses have a huge number of online lectures by leading experts in the field of science and culture. A distinctive feature is the presence of niche specialties, materials for which are rarely offered in other centers. An example is bioinformatics, genetics.

This center will be of interest to those who not only want to gain knowledge in the chosen specialty, but also get acquainted with what modern science says in the chosen field. The center uses the technology of next generation educational courses (MOOC). Video lectures are recorded in the studio and corrected to ensure the most compact presentation of the material.


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