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Where do I start in learning a new language?

So after all the questions I've asked previously at help with homework websites I've finally convinced myself I'm going to learn Chinese. But since I'm self teaching myself I'm not sure where exactly to start. Since in Mandarin the language I'm trying to learn doesn't necessarily have an " alphabet" Idk where to begin. So i guess Im asking, where would you start? Im trying to make an lesson outline so I have an idea of where Im going. my real question is What are the steps to learning Chinese? And do these steps relate to any language you learn? Sorry if Im confusing you. And sorry if this is wrong but what I mean is that for ex. if I was teaching someone English I would tell them1 Learn the alphabet 2 Teach them basic self introductions3 Teach them pronouns?etc. so Im probably wrong to how I would teach someone english but I just want to know where to start if Im going to learn a different language system.Thanksplease no racist or rude comments xie xie ni D wow i hope that doesnt sound wrong.. > .< There is also no one that I know of who speaks fluent Chinese. And the person that DOES share the same interest in learning Chinese is at the same level as me which is ZERO P I also don't plan on having a private tutor because the area that I live in too my extent knowledge doesn't have one available, and I don't think I have the budget to fit up for one

Are you studying a new language? Which one?

I'm learning English and I really like it. And you?

Learning a new language? Ok so I wanna Lear norweigen because I have a lot of norweigen friends....does anyone know a good website or something that would help me learn norweigen??....thank u for help

How long does it typically take someone to be fairly fluent in a new language?

..if you really study the language studydaddy experts suggest to practice it a lot. I'm thinking of using the rosetta stone program or anything similar & just as good..any recommendations appreciated to learn French. I took some spanish back in high school, but don't remember most of it. I'm a quick learner though. I'm 23 & hoping to visit France in the near future within a year or two . I also just think it'd be neat to learn another language.. thx for input.

Why is it so hard to learn a new language that you practically grew up with?

So my dad speaks Spanish along with everyone on his side of the family. Since I practically grew up around his side of the family why is it harder to learn Spanish then? The only reason I didn't learn it when I was a child was because my mother doesn't know Spanish. I heard when you grew up around a language it should be easier, but for me it seems as it's not true. I do have moments where I do understand some words, but half the time I don't. And now I want to learn Spanish because I will go to Ecuador. I thought learning to speak Spanish would be easier as well but it feels weird and wrong like I'm saying the phrases wrong and the way I hear them in my mind I can't get my mouth to do . I wanted to become fluent without an accent. So is there anyway to become fluent in Spanish without an accent and have it be easy to learn before I go to Ecuador?


What age should you start teaching a baby a new language? Well my sister is 1 and 1 month and i want to teach her spanish, but when i do its just usually blank stares.Is it too late to early or is it the right time just keep tryingOh and my mom who we live with doesn't speak any spanish at all, because my dads side is mexican and my mom is white, and my new stepdad who is my sisters dad is full white

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